Are you looking for solid and innovative glasses? Then Austrian Rolf has exactly what you’re looking for. Only the best and finest craftsmen create these unique glasses and ensure that you see that distinct touch of Rolf. And in that touch, local is especially very important – everything is made in-house, which also provides that nice personal touch.

Roland Wolf is the creative brain behind this brand. With a head full of ideas and the right vision, he and his employees create glasses that are just that little bit different. Because as with many eyewear makers, aesthetics are important, but functionality is not lost sight of either.

What typifies a pair of Rolf glasses is nature. The frames, which often look rather classic, are made of wood or buffalo horns. With these natural and sustainable materials, Rolf aims to preserve the energy of nature in their eyewear. In a production process that includes more than 80 different steps, a lot of dedication goes into creating unique glasses each time, which you will also find at Hoet Optiek Brugge. In addition to each pair of glasses, by the way, Rolf also makes each glasses case in the atelier in Tyrol, without screws or other metals.

In fact, the absence of metal is also noticeable on the glasses themselves. Indeed, the springs and the front part of the glasses are connected by a natural, rubber ring. As a result, the glasses hinge in any direction you want. This is the kind of innovation that Hoet Optiek Brugge can only applaud.