Mora Busoli

Stoneware, with the emphasis on stone. That is the best way to describe Mora Busoli’s eyewear. After all, every frame of this Italian brand is made of marble, some even designed by Patrick Hoet. Hoet Optiek Brugge is therefore proud to offer these glasses. After all, they are also very exclusive as Mora Busoli is currently the only brand offering marble eyewear. This requires a mix of old crafts, such as stone carving, and new technologies to be able to cut as precisely as possible.

So how does the production process work? Everything starts with a search for marble that does not show any cracks or fissures. After that, there are roughly 193 different steps that involve a lot of manual work. At the end of these steps, in consultation with Hoet Optiek Brugge, you will have the glasses you ordered finished in carbon. After all, you can order glasses entirely in the marble colour you want or choose one from stock. To make a pair of glasses, Mora Busoli charges around 18 days. In that time, glasses are made that you can be sure are 100% exclusive. Indeed, the glasses are as unique as the person wearing them.

Mora Busoli glasses have a very charismatic look. There are two reasons for this. First, of course, there is the unusual material they are made of and then, of course, there is the hand of Patrick Hoet. Apart from the look, there is of course the unique design and colour patterns of each pair of glasses. This is another benefit of the beautiful, natural material Mora Busoli works with. At Hoet Optiek Brugge, we will be happy to help you if you are absolutely crazy about these glasses.