The Cabrio collection is the very first from the hand of Bieke Hoet, manager of design agency Hoet. During her first ten years at the company, she designed the stands for trade shows, developed a furniture line and launched Hoet’s eye-catcher collection. The roots of the Cabrio collection lie with the Cabrio Firebrid, a combination of sunglasses and visor. The Firebird was mainly intended as a playful addition to Hoet’s eye-catcher collection.

Then in 2009 came a complete sunglasses line, which has since been complemented by optical eyewear. Each pair of glasses by Cabrio are also fully 3D printed. For new creations, Bieke Hoet invariably seeks out new materials, techniques and manufacturers. This is also what the Cabrio collection stands for; seeking added value and aesthetics in new materials and techniques. The eyewear looks both businesslike and aesthetic at the same time. One feature that often recurs are the subtle accents. Sometimes by working with different colours, sometimes by applying a different structure around the lenses or on the temples.

With glasses from the Cabrio collection, you choose a modern, progressive frame. The glasses come about thanks to a relentless search for new angles. News and curiosity are central to Bieke Hoet’s creative process. The wide range of information and ideas she has acquired over the years gives her new inspiration every day.

At Hoet Optiek Brugge, we are delighted to help you choose your favourite glasses from the extensive and varied Cabrio collection.

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