Theo, an unusual name for an unusual pair of glasses. You won’t come across these glasses in just any optician. After all, glasses are an extension of your personality and with glasses from the Theo collection, you choose a unique, unusual design. As designers of your image, it is only natural that Hoet Optiek Brugge also offers you the Theo collection. After all, you won’t find Theo glasses in just any optician. You swim with them like a salmon against the current.

And so did Patrick Hoet, the original designer of this eyewear collection. Together with Wim Somers, he stood at the cradle of the Theo collection (as an anagram of Hoet). Meanwhile, the torch has been passed on to Mik, Jan and Toon, who are swimming on with gusto. The trio realise all too well that glasses are so much more than an object. It is an expression of your self-confidence, ambition and happiness. Smile by smile, they change the way the wearers of their glasses look at the world. After all, images say more than 1,000 words. And the best image, that’s what you get with glasses from Theo.

Looking for glasses with a special design? Then one from the Theo collection is highly recommended. At Hoet Optiek Brugge, as designers of your image, we will help you choose the glasses that suit your personality. The common thread with these glasses is the striking colours, sometimes plain, sometimes in a more eclectic design. In doing so, will you go for a round or a more angular frame? One thing is certain, your glasses will look anything but conventional. And that’s what Theo is all about.