Thierry Lasry

Summing up a pair of Thierry Lasry glasses in one or even a few words is impossible. After all, you choose glasses by the French designer if you are a maverick, independent and curious person. At the same time, you are also a leader and not a follower. Since 2006, Thierry Lasry has been designing eyewear that cannot be put into a single pigeonhole. As designers of your image, Hoet Optiek Brugge is naturally proud to also distribute these prestigious glasses.

Each pair of glasses is based on the concept of “futuristic vintage”. Lasry draws inspiration from the past while adding a futuristic touch to each pair of glasses. In addition, the name of each pair of glasses also invariably ends in “y”, like both the designer’s names. After all, Thierry Lasry sees each pair of glasses as a child to whom you also pass on your name.

Your environment largely determines who you are and become, and this was certainly no different for Thierry Lasry. His parents were a major influence on both his creative development and his professional one. With a father as an optician and a mother as a designer, Thierry combined the best of both. The glasses he creates cater to those who like to stand out from the crowd. The result is glasses that suit creative and quirky minds like Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon.

The glasses, mainly made of acetate, are all handmade in France. The different colours are different layers placed one on top of the other one by one. Each pair of glasses looks both retro and futuristic and also gets a chance to highlight the design as much as possible. We do the same at Hoet Optiek Brugge.