Wollenweber Hornline

Can it be something unique for once? Then Wollenweber’s Hornline is just the thing for you. Hoet Optiek Brugge is proud to call itself a selected dealer of these high-quality German spectacles. So what makes Wollenweber’s Hornline glasses so special? The frames are made of buffalo horns. However, the material Wollenweber uses for their eyewear comes only from water buffaloes that have died a natural death.

Wollenweber glasses are handmade with the utmost care and are synonymous with German solidity. Over the years, this eyewear maker has become the reference when it comes to spectacle frames made from natural horns. Each pair of spectacles is therefore given the chance to reveal its beautiful motifs during the production process.

After more than 200 individual treatments, the basic glasses are ready. You can then try them on at Hoet Optiek Brugge, carefully selected as a dealer by Wollenweber. Later, any adjustments are then made. This way, you get unique and comfortable glasses.

By nature, buffalo horns have a beautiful motif with typical black, brown and beige tones. Other colour nuances are added to the glasses by working with wood, silk or coloured plates. From classic to more modern models, Wollenweber’s Hornline has something for everyone. As an added bonus, Hornline glasses are light and adjust to your body temperature more easily. And because they are also a natural material, this type of glasses is ideal for people with skin allergies. To top it all off, each pair of glasses is also unique because of the natural patterns and structures. Hoet Optiek Brugge is invariably on hand if you want to know more about these glasses.